Exploit advantages of collaborative innovation, Accelerate innovative development of industry —Kangni Attended the 2nd Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Connection Conference

Sept. 11th, 2023

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On September 11-12, the 2nd Jiangsu Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Connection Conference hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center.

With the theme “promote transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enable industrial innovation and development”, more than 400 latest scientific and technological achievements from domestic and foreign universities and colleges are released on-site, and contacts are made on 1000 plus technological transfer demands of  enterprises, promoting the transfer, transformation as well as industrialization of a number of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu; also, collaborations will be made on solving core technological problems , further consolidate the foundation of scientific and technological innovations in Jiangsu province.

As a representative enterprise in the field of Railway Transport Equipment Industry in Jiangsu province, Kangni was invited to participate in this exhibition, displaying Kangni’s technological innovation achievements in the field of railway transport vehicle doors.

Kangni is one of the main suppliers of modernized equipment for railway transport vehicles in the world, and has been in the forefront of railway transport door system segment. Kangni has actively carried out various types of industry-university-research co-operations with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing Institute of Technology and other institutions, give full play to the advantages of collaborative innovation. A large number of industry-university-research cooperation results have strongly promoted the innovative development of Kangni, and industry-university-research cooperation case was named as the typical case of Industry-University-Research Combination Cases Between China’s Enterprises and Colleges in 2011, and Kangni has also been awarded as the “Ninth Five-Year Plan” Advanced Group of Jiangsu Province.

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