Innovation and Strong Motivation Perseverance to New Brilliance Kangni Held the 30th Celebration Anniversary

kangni news
kangni news

April 18th, 2022

Time zips by, splendid chapter changes

From a school-run factory of a few people thirty years ago to a group listed company

Time flies, 30 years’ trials and hardships

Flame passes, 30 years’ innovation and development

On the morning of April 18th, the 30th celebration anniversary for the establishment of Kangni was grandly held at No. 39 Middle Mofan Road. The previous school leaders of Nanjing Institute of Technology, founders of Kangni Corporation, directors, supervisors and senior executives, members of expert committee, representatives of retired employees, representatives of advanced employees, heads of subsidiaries, heads of functional departments of group, etc. gathered together to celebrate Kangni’s birthday and expect its bright future.

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