Intelligent, Digital and Connected Transformation, Digital-Real Economy Integration and Innovation-KN was invited to the World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference of 2023

December 11th

december news intelligent manufacturing

With the theme of “Intelligent, Digital and Connected Transformation, Digital-Real Economy Integration and Innovation”, the 8th World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was closed on December 9th. The conference gathers global industry head enterprises and experts to provide a communication platform for the innovation and development of intelligent manufacturing. The conference upholds the concepts of high-end, internationalization, specialization and systematization, displaying a new picture of digital-real integration and development, and presenting weathervane of intelligent manufacturing.

As a representative enterprise in railway transport equipment industry in Jiangsu Province, KN was invited to participate in this conference. In the booth, KN comprehensively and systematically introduced the construction of intelligent manufacturing through video, and at the same time physically displayed diversified intelligent products and technology applications, including KN door control unit and motor, KN industrial network intelligent control and maintenance system, KN industrial internet platform, KN VR & door intelligent overhaul technology, KN intelligent electric wheelchair, KN intelligent interactive visual gate machine, and KN big data application, etc. At the conference, KN has fully demonstrated its intelligent manufacturing strength and innovation capability.

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