Kangni Brazil Subsidiary Held a Grand Unveiling Ceremony in Sao Paulo

May 29th

unveiling ceremony
unveiling ceremony

On the morning of May 27th (local time), Kangni Brazil Subsidiary–KANGNI RAIL TRANSIT EQUIPMENT. (BRASIL) LTDA, held a grand unveiling ceremony in Sao Paulo City. Deng Zhiyi, member of the Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, also Deputy Mayor of Nanjing, was invited to unveil the nameplate of Kangni Brazil. In addition, Huangpu Zhaohui, Deputy Director of Nanjing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Wang Chaoyong, Deputy Director of Nanjing Municipal Commerce Bureau, Gao Junling, Executive Deputy Director of Gulou District, also attended the unveiling ceremony. At the same time, customer representatives from Sao Paulo Metro Corporation, Acciona Group of Spain (the general contractor for the construction of Sao Paulo Line 6 ), Alstom Brazil (the general contractor for the construction of Sao Paulo Line 5) were also invited to attend the unveiling ceremony.

Before unveiling ceremony, foreign guests from Sao Paulo Metro Company, Sao Paulo Line 5 operating company, Alstom (the general contractor of Sao Paulo Line 5), and Spain’s Acciona Group (the general contractor of Sao Paulo Line 6) were invited to accompany Deng Zhiyi and his delegation to visit Platform Screen Door (PSD) for Sao Paulo Line 5 which has been put into operation.

During the visit, guests from the operating company of Line 5 in St Paul fully acknowledged the operational reliability and service of the Kangni PSD equipment. Xue Shengbo, Director of Kangni Brazil, briefed Deng and his delegation on the project implementation and technical features of Kangni PSD in details, focusing on the technical innovations of OVPD, PCM, drive screw and control system. Deng affirmed Kangni’s technological innovation in overseas markets and hoped Kangni would continue to perform well in Brazil and South America by taking the opportunity of the establishment of Kangni Brazil.

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