Kangni was shortlisted in Jiangsu’s Top 100 Innovative Enterprises

kangni top 100 innovative enterprises 20200703 news

Date: July 3rd, 2020

Recently, Jiangsu Research Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy released the list of “2019 Jiangsu Top 100 Innovative Enterprises” to the public. The list shows that there are 25 Nanjing companies on the list, ranking first in the province in total.

Kangni has been shortlisted for three consecutive years. Kangni ranked 36th this time, which is 16 places higher than the previous year. This is a further affirmation of Kangni’s independent innovation strength.

The relevant person in charge of the Research Institute analyzed the biggest characteristic of the Top 100 Innovative Enterprises, that is, strong independent innovation ability. R&D expenditures of the top 100 innovative companies accounted for an average of 3.3% of sales revenue, and R&D personnel accounted for 15.6% of the employees, respectively 2.1 times and 2.3 times that of the industrial enterprises above designated size; sales revenue of new products accounted for an average of the total revenue up to 39.9%. 90% of the enterprises are high-tech enterprises or their core subsidiaries are high-tech enterprises. All enterprises have R&D institutions and all have independent intellectual property rights. There are 364 valid patents per household and 129 valid invention patents per household.

As an innovative enterprise focusing on the research and application of electromechanical core technologies, Kangni has strong R&D and innovation capabilities. It has established diversified innovation platforms such as “National Enterprise Technology Center”, “National Post-Doctoral Research Station”, and “Jiangsu Province Railway Transport Vehicle Door System Key Laboratory”. Kangni has successively been awarded the honorary titles of “National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”, “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”, and “Manufacturing Individual Champion of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology”.

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