Electrically Controlled Electrically Driven Sliding Plug Door

Range of Application:

Passenger access door of high-speed train

MS_ _ _DP/MS_ _ _DW_/MS_ _ _DH series


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◇ Multi-locking and pressing device contributes to a door system of high safety, and the max. dynamic loading of door system can be up to ±6000Pa;

◇ Excellent air-tightness performance guarantees that passengers are free from impact of pressure wave;

◇ Door leaf manufactured with high performance composite material provides good sound insulation (Rw=34dB) and heat insulation  performance;

◇ Fully-digital intellectual control realizes network communication and remote monitoring & control;

◇ Brushless DC motor driving system boasts low electromagnetic interference, and has long service life with high reliability;

◇ EDCU with fully-digital control technology realizes door control, monitoring, diagnosis and network communication functions.


CRH380B(L/K) high-speed EMU, CRH6 high-speed intercity EMU, CRH1-250 high-speed EMU.

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