Electrically Controlled Pneumatically Driven Sliding Plug Door

Range of application:

Passenger access and exit door of main line railway train

MS _ _ _CP_/MS_ _ _CW_/MS_ _ _CH_ series


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1.Fully-digital control electronic door control unit carries out the door control, monitoring, diagnosis and network communication functions;

2.Combination of a cross transmission system composed of guide rods and linear bearings with a rodless cylinder driving system provides a simple, reliable and light operator featuring low movement resistance, small volume, stable movement and long service life;

3.Reliable two-level locking device ensures the safety of the door;

4.Unique anti-freezing device enables a better environmental adaptability and secures proper application of the door operation in extremely cold conditions;

5. Door leaf manufactured with aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure provides light weight, high strength, good sound and heat insulation.


Qinghai-Tibet Line, 25K type car, 25 type car

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