Inflatable Sealing Sliding Plug Door

Range of application:

Passenger door for low floor tram of cities

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1. The completely digitally controlled electronic door control unit carries out the door control, monitoring, diagnostic and network communication functions;

2. The marriage of a cross transmission system composed of guide rods and linear bearings with a rodless cylinder driving system results in a simple, reliable and light operator featuring small movement resistance, small volume, stable movement and long service life;

3. The novel design of four-point locking device and peripheral multi-lip (or inflatable) sealing structure contributes to a good safety and a good tightness of the door system at high-speed service condition of trains;

4. The unique anti-freezing device enables a better environmental adaptability and secures the proper application of the door operation in extremely cold conditions;

5. The door leaf manufactured using aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure added with a sound insulation layer and equipped with an inflatable sealed peripheral rubber gives light weight, high strength, good sound and heat insulation of vehicle is enhanced.


CRH1 long-unit sleeper train

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