Manual Operated Hinged Door/Manual Operated Sliding Door

Range of application:

Internal doors of high-speed railway EMU such as partition door, crew room door, external end door, room door, monitoring room door, toilet door, power distribution room door, kitchen door of dining car etc.

MJ _ _ _AP/H series


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1.Door system movement is smooth with reasonable opening and closing force, and the positioning for opening and closing is reliable;

2.Door panel boasts high strength and light weight;

3.Roller which adopts elastic material features low noise, low cost and high maintainability etc.;

4. Door leaf which adopts the wrapped edge structure consisting of big glass and aluminium profile features aesthetic appearance, simple adjustment and high maintainability etc.


CRH1 high speed EMU, CRH2 highspeed EMU, CRH3 high speed EMU

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