Manual Sliding Door/Manully Operated Hinged Door/Manually Operated Swing Door

Range of application:

Passenger access and exit door of main line railway train

MS _ _ _CP_/MS_ _ _CW_/MS_ _ _CH_ series


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Manual sliding door:

1.Simple structure with modular design;

2.C shaped aluminium alloy loading and guiding system can compensate automatically for the mounting angle error and features both light weight and low sound emission;

3.Belt drive boasts low noise, long service life and high reliability;

4.Automatic reset function, fire resistance function and fire alarm function (gangway door);

5. The bonded door leaf (or spliced huge glass door leaf) in aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure is equipped with a sight window made of safety glass or polycarbonate glass and with ventilating grid.

Manually operated hinged door:

1.Simple structure with modular design;

2.This door system not only boasts the features such as simple operation, smooth and steady movement, reliable closing etc.,

3. Boasts integral aesthetic and decent appearance, convenient assembly, disassembly and maintenance etc.

Manually operated swing door:

1. The functions of self-reset for opening and positioning in case of door fully opening are provided. There is no visible gap after door leaf is closed;

2. The door leaf adopts the spliced structure consisting of aluminium profile, honeycomb board and tempered glass while the door frame adopts the spliced structure of aluminum profile, boasting light weight, high strength, and good tightness as good sound and heat insulation.


25G type car, 25T type car, BST high-grade car, Qinghai-Tibet Line, 22 type Retrofit Car.

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