Electrically Driven Bi-parting Sliding Plug Door

Range of application:

Passenger door of metro and LRV

Series: MS_ _ _DP_-2/MS_ _ _DW_-2/MS_ _ _DH_-2


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◇ Fully digital controlled electronic door control unit provides the door control, monitoring, diagnosis, self-learning and network communication functions;

◇ Brushless DC motor driving system has low electromagnetic interference, long service life and high reliability;

◇ Fully-mechanical door locking device featuring simple structure, long lifetime and high maintainability;

◇ The cross transmission system composed of guide rods and linear bearings provides a simple, reliable and light operator featuring low movement resistance, small volume, stable movement and long service life;

◇ Customized driving screw nut pair system is maintenance free with good environmental adaptability, long service life and high reliability;

◇ Door leaf comprised of aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure which is light-weight, high-strength, providing good sound and heat insulation;

◇ When closed, the door leaf is flush with the outer surface of the train body contributing to the overall aesthetic appearance of the train.


Wuhan LRV, Dalian Line 3, Tianjin Line 1, Guangzhou Line 4, Guangzhou Line 5, Nanjing Line 1 Southern Extension, Shanghai Line 1 Expansion, Dalian Jinzhou Line, Shenzhen Line 1 Extension, Shenzhen Line 2, Nanjing Line 2, Guangzhou Line 2&8, Wuhan LRV PhaseⅡ, Guangzhou Line 3 Northern Extension, Tianjin Line 3, Shenzhen Line 5, Hangzhou Line1, Suzhou Line 1, Shenzhen Line 4, Guangzhou Line 3, Ningbo Line 1, Shanghai Line 16, Guangzhou Line 1&2&8, Kunming Line Phase I, Indian Gurgaon Project, Zhengzhou Line 1, Nanjing Line 3, Nanjing Line 10, Wuxi Line 10, Suzhou Line 2, Wuhan Line 1 phase Ⅲ, Hangzhou Line 2, Turkey Ankara Project, Nanjing Airport Line, Shenzhen Line 4(change 4 to 6), Ningbo Line 1 Phase Ⅱ, Nanjing Line 4, Ningbo Line 2, Suzhou Line 2 East Extention, French Aubagne Project etc.

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