Electrically Driven Single-leaf Sliding Plug Door

Range of Application:

Passenger Door for Low Floor Tram of Cities

MS_ _ _DP_-2/MS_ _ _DW_-2/MS_ _ _DH_-2 series


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◇ The completely digitally controlled electronic door control unit carries out the door control, monitoring, diagnosis, self-learning and network communication functions;

◇ The brushless DC motor driving system boasts low electromagnetic interference, and has long service life with high reliability;

◇ DCU system software has passed the accreditation of level SIL 2 of EN50128 and CMMI 3;

◇ The passive helix locking device is applied together with the cross transmission system, which results in a simple, reliable and light operator featuring small movement resistance, small volume, stable movement and long service life;

◇ The custom made driving screw nut pair system is maintenance free with good environmental adaptability, long service life and high reliability;

◇ Door leaf made of aluminum profile to complement the aesthetic huge glass arc structure.


French Orleans LRV, French Brest Project, French Dijion Preoject, Casablanca Project in Morocco, French Le Haver Project, French RATP T7 Project, French RATP T8 Project, Shenyang Hunnan Line, Guangzhou Haizhu Line, Nanjing Hexi Line, Nanjing Qilin Line etc.

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