External Emergency Front Door

Range of Application:

Emergency escape device of mass transit train

MQ640AW ST _ _ series


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External emergency front door:

◇ Designed to laterally open by parallel sway movement, which made it easy to adapt to complicated shape of train head;

◇ The adjustable four-rod loading mechanism and the flexible adjustment possibilities enable a more convenient installation and adjustment;

◇ The universal synchronous locking system enables in spatial location a reliable and synchronous locking and unlocking so that the door could move synchronously with the ramp, which features easy and reliable operation;

◇ Pocket sealing structure contributes to a good tightness and a better satisfaction of appearance requirements.

Emergency ramp:

◇ Foldable to three levels to save the room in the car;

◇ Pull bar or sling design features strong loading ability and high stability;

◇ Automatic ramp opening method design is easy and quick to operate for emergency escape of passengers;

◇ Handrails or slings are provided both sides for a safer evacuation of passengers.


Guangfo Line, Beijing Line 4, Daxing Line, Beijing Line 1 Extension etc.

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