Hinged Door

Range of Application:

Cab Door of Mass Transit Train

Type: MJ_ _ _AP_/MJ_ _ _AW_/MJ_ _ _AH_ series


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◇ The custom made hinges secure the 3D rotation track of door leaf and ensure small movement resistance and long service life;

◇ Handle activated unlocking device for door opening and closing is easy to operate;

◇ The peripheral rubber sealing design leads to a better tightness;

◇ The door leaf manufactured using aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure gives light weight, high strength, good sound and heat insulation.


Nanjing Line 1, Nanjing Line 1 Southern Extension, Nanjing Line 2, Shanghai Line 3, Shanghai Line 10, Shanghai Line 1 Expansion, Guangzhou Line 3, Guangzhou Line 3 Northern Extension, Guangzhou Line 4, Guangzhou Line 5, Guangzhou Line 6, Guangzhou Line 5 Expansion, Mumbai Line 1, Hangzhou Line 1 etc.

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