Manual Pocket Sliding Door

Range of Application:

Cab Door of Mass Transit Train

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◇ Alu. alloy loading and guiding system and swing micro sliding plug operator are integreated as a simple, reliable and light operator featuring low movement resistance, small volume, stable movement and long service life;

◇ The lower guide rail ensures obstacle-free entry and exit, under the State Invention Patent;

◇ The lower guide rail free of barrier with State Invention Patent ensures the passengers of obstacle free exit and entry;

◇ The door leaf manufactured using aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure provides light weight, high strength, good sound and heat insulation.


Beijing Line 4, Chengdu Line 2, Beijing Daxing Line, Shanghai Line 4, Shanghai Line 7, Shanghai Line 9, Shanghai Line 11, Shenzhen Line 1 Extension, Guangzhou Line 2&8, Shenzhen Line 2, Guangfu Line, Shenzhen Line 5, Chongqing Line 6, Shanghai Line12, Chongqing Line 6 Phase Ⅱ, Wuxi Line 1, Wuxi Line 2 etc.

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