Manual Sliding Plug Door

Range of Application:

Cab door of mass transit train

MS_ _ _AP_/MS_ _ _AW_ /MS_ _ _AH_series


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◇ The cross transmission system composed of guide rods and linear bearings contributes to a simple and reliable structure with low movement resistance and long service life;

◇ The flexible adjustment possibilities enable a more convenient installation and adjustment;

◇ Unlocking device activated by handle for door opening and closing is easy to operate;

◇ Peripheral rubber sealing design leads to a better tightness;

◇ The door leaf manufactured using aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure provides light weight, high strength, good sound and heat insulation;

◇ The door leaf when closed is flush with the car body so that the integral aesthetics of the vehicle is enhanced.


Wuhan LRV, Wuhan LRV phase Ⅱ, Dalian Jinzhou Line, Tianjin Line 4, Dalian Rapid Rail Jinzhou Line, Dalian Rapid Rail Line 3, Tianjin Line 3, Beijing Batong Line, Nanjing Line 3, Nanjing Line 4, Nanjing Airport Line, Wuhan Line 1 Phase Ⅲ, Changchun Line 2, Hangzhou Line 2 etc.

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