Nanjing Daily reported “Intelligent Reconstruction and Digital Transformation” of Kangni for Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading

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March 14th, 2022

Nanjing Daily “Intelligent Reconstruction and Digital Transformation” column reported how Kangni, as a “Provincial Industrial Internet Benchmark Factory”, achieved the practice and effect of enterprise transformation and upgrading through “Intelligent Reconstruction and Digital Transformation”.

In Kangni’s workshop, the robots with brightly colored skins that work uninterruptedly can be called the “strongest workers” in automated workshop. The “workers” of different production lines have different names – glass bonding robot, metal sheet robot, edge folding robot, driving screw robot… The whole process does not require a single person and 500 products can be produced a day.

After railway transport door is delivered to customer, “intelligent customer service specialist”, namely, the fault prediction and health management system “enters the field”. Based on technologies such as the Internet of Things, advanced fault diagnosis and big data analysis, this system realizes fault prediction and remote “health” management of vehicle doors in operation, extend intelligence and digitization to application terminals, and provide reference for “Intelligent Reconstruction and Digital Transformation”.

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