Nanjing Kangni Technical Expert Committee Meeting of 2023-Jiangsu Railway Transport Door System Key Lab Expert Committee Academic Conference was Successfully Convened

July 2023

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Nanjing Kangni Technical Expert Committee Meeting, (also the Jiangsu Railway Transport Door System Key Lab Expert Committee Academic Conference), hosted by Kangni Group Technical Center, was Successfully Convened.

The meeting invited Gong Ming, President of CRRC Research Institute, Shi Jinfei, President of Nanjing Institute of Technology, and a total of 9 external experts from various car builders and metro companies. Mr. Liu Wenping, Vice President and Director of Kangni Group, and Chief Expert and Deputy Director of Kangni Group Technical Center, Directors of each professional research office, and technical person in charge of Kangni subsidiaries and branches participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Liu Wenping and Gong Ming served as the group leader.

Experts at the meeting discussed and exchanged the research results of key products and key technologies of Kangni, combined with market, customer needs and development tendency of future technology products, 17 opinions and suggestions from 8 aspects were put forward, namely PHM, Control Unit New Architecture, Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction for Non-airtight Door, Intelligent Maintenance Equipment, etc. Kangni’s determinations on technical and product research & development of “Railway Transport Door System Technology and Product Development Plan 2022-2027″ have been strengthened.

This Technical Committee Meeting is held once a year and the Fourth Meeting will be held in 2024.

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