Handrail and Screen

Range of application:

Interior fittings of mass transit train


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1.Handrail applies superior 304L stainless steel tube, 316L stainless steel tube and high strength aluminium alloy tube as its major raw material with good corrosion resistance;

2. Screen glass adopts tempered glazing, which enjoys aesthetics, good strength and will not cause damage to people when broken. Advanced surface treatment of drawbench polishing, mirror polishing, anodizing in stainless steel color and abrasive silver oxidizing etc. enables both desirable appearance and endurance.


Nanjing Line 1, Nanjing Line 2,Nanjing Line 1 Southern Extension, Shanghai Line 1 Western Extension, Shanghai Line 2 Extension, Shanghai Line 1 Expansion(6 car to 8), Shengzhen Line 5 , Guangzhou Line 3 Northern Extension, Shanghai Pearl Line Phase II, Santo Domingo project, Barcelona Project, CITADAS-RTD2, MF2000,TTNG, Istanbul Project and Turkey Project, French Brest Project, Panama Prohect, Lima Project, TTC LRV Handrail Project, Kunming Line Phase I, Amsterdam Project Expansion,Indian Gurgaon Project.

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