Partition Wall / Electrical Cubicle Cover of Cab

Range of application:

Interior fittings of mass transit train


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1. The main body of cab partition wall and its door is made of aluminium honeycomb, which forms an integral structure added with aluminium profile. Their welding complies with requirement of EN 15085 and the surface treatment normally applies powder coating, painting and filming;

2. Electrical cubicle cover of cab characterizes a combined structure of aluminium profile and honeycomb, whose fire resistance reaches level 3 of DIN5510, welding complies with EN 15085 and surface treatment generally adopts powder coating, painting and filming.


Nanjing Line 1, Nanjing Line 2, Nanjing Line 1 Southern Extension, Shanghai Line 1 Western Extension, Shanghai Line 2 Extension, Turkey Project, Shanghai Line 13, Malaysia EMU Project, Nanjing Line 10, Nanjing Line 3, Nanjing Line 4, Nanjing Ningtian Intercity Line.

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