Side Window

Range of application:

Interior fittings of mass transit train

MS_ _ _DP_-2/MS_ _ _DW_-2/MS_ _ _DH_-2 series


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1.Side window is divided into integral fixed structure and movable structure, glass can be selected from the double sealed-insulating color and colorless categories while the triple-layer structure of the glass can also be adopted;

2.The outer aluminium frame boasts aluminium profile;

3. Advanced surface treatment of drawbench polishing, mirror polishing, anodizing in stainless steel color and abrasive silver oxidizing etc. enables both desirable appearance and endurance.


Shanghai Line 4, Guangzhou line 3, Shanghai Line 1 Expansion, Guangzhou Line 2&8, Guangzhou Line 3 Northern Extension, Beijing Line 9, Shenzhen Line 5, Chongqing Line 3, Turkey Project, Shenzhen Line 2 Testing Train, Shanghai Line 11, Ningbo Line 1, Wuhan Line 4, Shanghai Line 11 Southern Part.

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