Kangni Platform Screen Door Contributes to the Initial Operation of Nanjing Metro Line 5 Southern Section

March 29th, 2024

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The initial operation of the southern section of Nanjing Metro Line 5 project starts from Jiyin Avenue Station and ends at Wenjing Road Station, with a total line length of 12.9km, all of which are laid underground, with 9 stations, including 3 interchange stations. This line is laid along the main urban area of Jiangning Dongshan from north to the south, interchanges with Airport Line S1 at Jiyin Avenue station, interchanges with line 3 at Chengxin Avenue Station and can also realize transference at Zhushan Road station with the existing line 1, which effectively links the three-dimensional traffic network of Jiangning District, bringing great significance for the promotion of regional development.

Nanjing Line 5 Engineering Car applies type A car, with 6-car configuration, and the max. designed operating speed is 80km/h. The matched equipment Platform Screen Door System manufactured by Nanjing Kangni are put into operation.

Nanjing Metro Line 5 adopts full-height non-enclosed platform screen door (PSD) system for the whole line, with 30 sliding doors and 6 emergency doors on each side of the platform. The PSD adopts self-developed driving screw nut pair transmission device, boasts easy replacement, low noise and no pollution. PSD adopts segmented insulation design plan, equipped with LED auxiliary observation light strip, anti-treading rubber and light strip, gap detector and other passenger protection devices, each side of the platform is equipped with 6 sets of 86-inch PIS bar screen and corresponding station insulating layer.

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