Electrically Driven Bi-parting Pocket Sliding Door

Range of Application:

Passenger car door of mass transit train

MY_ _ _DP_-2/MY_ _ _DW_-2/MY_ _ _DH_ -2 series


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◇ The fully-digital controlled electronic door control unit carries out the door control, monitoring, diagnosis, self-learning and network communication functions;

◇ The brushless DC motor driving system boasts low electromagnetic interference, and has long service life with high reliability;

◇ The passive locking device featuring simple structure, long lifetime and high maintainability;

◇ The alu. alloy loading and guiding system plus the swing micro sliding plug operator results in a simple, reliable and light operator featuring small movement resistance, small volume, stable movement and long service life;

◇ The custom made driving screw nut pair system is maintenance free with good environmental adaptability, long service life and high reliability;

◇ Door leaf comprised of aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure which is light-weight, high-strength, providing good sound and heat insulation;


Shanghai Line 9, Shanghai Line 7, Beijing Batong Line Expansion, Shanghai Line 11, Beijing Line 9, Shanghai Line 12, Chongqing Line 6, TTC Rocket Project, Wuhan Line 2, Chongqing Metro Line 6 Branch, Chongqing Line 2 Extension, Changchun Line 2, Argentina commuter, New York Metro 179 Project, Canada Metrolinks 272 Project etc.

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